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International Fighter Attendee List 2016

View this Sample Delegate List for International Fighter 2016.  


Royal Australian Air Force: JSF and Growler Update

Air Commodore Michael Kitcher, Director General Capability Planning (DGCP), RAAF, discusses the plans and implications for the introduction of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the EA-18G Growler. This briefing took place at the prestigious International Fighter conference; November 2015, London, UK.

Issues under discussion at the 2016 meeting will include EW and SEAD, advances in Munitions, reliance on space assets and low earth orbit technologies, LVC, advanced fighter radar technology, and the limitations of stealth.

Raytheon: Industry-customer partnerships for the future threat environment

Major General (Ret'd) Michael Snodgrass, Vice President International Business Development, Sensors & Airborne Systems at Raytheon Company, spoke at the International Fighter conference on the need for strong military-industry partnering when it comes to the fighter aircraft domain and the future threat environment.

Topics covered:
• Present day review of NATO leader’s perception of current threats
• Historical context of the changing threat environment over
the past 50 years
• Implications for how historical threats and modern threats
seem to be finding ways of combining to present new
threats to security
• Role of industry in helping to evaluate this environment in
partnership with our customer base

Top Featured

Rethinking the role of the fighter jet: Interview with LTG (Ret.) David Deptula

This November, leading military air combat decision-makers and industry professionals will assemble at the annual International Fighter conference in London. Returning to chair the event is Lt Gen (Rtd) David Deptula, the US Air Force’s former Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR). Listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the defence world, General Deptula served more than 34 years of distinguished service, being the principal attack planner for Desert Storm (1991) and the Director of the Combined Air Operations Center for Operation Enduring Freedom (2001) to name just two of his most prominent assignments.

Pakistan Air Force discusses the JF-17 Thunder

At the 2015 International Fighter conference, Air Vice Marshal Farooq Habib, Deputy Chief of Air Staff (Training) at the Pakistan Air Force, discussed the service's modernisation efforts and methods of improving the skills of its pilots. In this article, we take a deeper look at the performance of the PAC JF-17 Thunder, from engine and refueling developments to export rumours. ACR Mahmood Khalid, PAC Vice-Director, talks to Georg Mader for Defence Industry Bulletin.

‘Growler’ edition is next plan for Gripen says senior SAAB exec

SAAB was the International Fighter 2015 Associate Sponsor. Senior Executive Vice President and head of SAAB Aeronautics, Lennart Sindahl, spoke to Georg Mader for Defence IQ about the company’s activities in the fighter domain and beyond…

International Fighter Conference: Recent Highlights

The last International Fighter conference took place in November 2016, featuring the critical issues and technologies supporting the mission including: 5th Generation capability, F-35 preparedness,advances in munitions, sensor and radar technology, and ground attack. The event saw a range of international perspectives on these topics, delivered by experts functioning at both the operational and strategic levels. View our video overview here.

Industry Reports

World Fighter Aircraft Inventories Report 2016-17

Download the latest Inventories Report, where we offer the most recent data on the fighter aircraft currently being operated, stored or under delivery across international air forces and navies. This year, the F-35 has been making its mark and numerous Soviet-era fleets are finally being overhauled.

Get a by-the-numbers understanding of from one single document to help you map sales and requirements for the coming years.

International Fighter - Future Requirements Report 2017/18

Our exclusive future requirements report provides a surface-level overview of current global fighter aircraft activity and highlights key programmes either predicted or in development.


International Fighter - 2017 Delegate List

View the latest International Fighter delegate list


Interview with General (ret) Frank Gorenc

Ahead of International Fighter 2017, Defence IQ sat down with General (ret) Frank Gorenc, recently retired Commander of US Air Forces Europe, Africa and NATO Allied Air Command to discuss his thoughts on the future of multi-domain conflicts, the role of combat airpower in NATO security, interoperability and A2/AD environments.

Industry Reports

Fighter Programmes & Requirements Worldwide: 2016-17

An estimated 4,000 fighters, valued at $260 billion are forecast to be procured over the next 15 years. Despite the rapid increase in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) numbers worldwide and future plans for Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicles (UCAVs), the fighter market is still buoyant. Fighter programmes are planned to continue well into the 2020s in the US, Russia, China, India and Sweden, while Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey have plans to enter the fighter market with their own indigenous designs. The largest fighter programme is the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, over 3,000 of which are currently planned for 12 countries.

Fighter requirements have been identified in 27 countries, while active fighter procurement programmes are also under way in 35 countries.

This report is intended to provide a surface-level overview of current  global fighter aircraft inventories  and to highlight key active  programmes either rumoured or in development...



International Fighter: General Herbert J. 'Hawk' Carlisle, USAF Air Combat Command

General Carlisle discusses U.S. Air Force air combat efforts, including the benefits of the F-35 and the expansion of sensors...

International Fighter: Brigadier General Eric Kenny, Royal Canadian Air Force

Brig. Gen. Kenny, Deputy Commander at 1 Canadian Air Division Headquarters in Winnipeg, discusses Canada's fighter capabilities and prospects as the country deliberates its fifth-generation options...

International Fighter: Raytheon Missile Systems

Cesar Antonio 'Rico' Rodriguez, who retired with three air-to-air combat victories, discusses Raytheon's significant activity in the international fighter domain...

International Fighter: Tom Tyson, VP Textron Airborne Solutions

Tom Tyson discusses the recent achievements and the future plans for Textron Airborne Solutions as it continues to provide tactical flight training and adversary aggressor services for U.S. Navy, Marine and Air Force pilots...

International Fighter: The European Air Group

Commodore Robert Adang, Deputy Director of the EAG, discusses the organisation's role in enabling Air Forces to collaborate concrete short term improvements in interoperability...


US Navy F/A-18 Program Update

Captain David D. Kindley
Deputy Program Manager, Mission Systems F/A-18 & E/A-18G Program Office
US Navy

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International Fighter 2017 Floorplan

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